Our Dress Code


  • To promote modesty, a cover-up that covers both top and bottom must be worn over leotards when entering and exiting the studio premises.
  • Please wear shoes when entering and exiting the studio.
  • Please wear clean dancewear and deodorant.
  • No jewelry, except small earrings, is allowed in class.
  • Please label all dancewear.
  • Upper school No skirts, shorts, or leggings may be worn in upper school without the instructor’s permission.
  • Lower school Dance sweaters are allowed but no heavy coats.


Note:For instructions on creating a proper bun hair style, see the video below. Students with short hair are expected to wear their hair pulled back from the face.

  • Neat classical bun secured with plenty of hairpins or clips.
  • Hairnets are recommended.
  • All bangs and fly away hairs pinned or sprayed back.
  • Hair that is too short for a bun must be clipped back or put into a ponytail.


  • Students must wear the appropriate color leotard assigned for their class level.
  • Please choose a modest style leotard. If the school directors feels that the student’s modesty is being compromised, they will contact the student’s parent.
  • Larger busted students may wear a tights top under their leotards. No bras may be showing. If you have any questions please ask your instructor.


  • No shimmery colored tights.
  • No footless tights.
  • No non-dancewear tights.
  • No tights with holes or runs.
  • Please replace tights that are too small as soon as possible.


  • Ballet shoes may not be worn outside the building. It reduces the life of the shoes and it can bring hazardous material into the dance studio that can damage the floor or cause injuries to the students and instructors.
  • Soft ballet slippers must have elastic sewn in place.
  • Please tuck bows in.

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Creating a proper bun hair style